Assessment & Reporting


“The teacher’s job is not to transmit knowledge, nor to facilitate learning. It is to engineer effective learning environments for the students. The key features of effective learning environments are that they create student engagement and allow teachers, learners, and their peers to ensure that the learning is proceeding in the intended direction. The only way we can do this is through assessment. That is why assessment is, indeed, the bridge between teaching and learning.” 
― Dylan Wiliam, Embedded Formative Assessment


Assessment forms the backbone to the Ark GFS school year, with all students experiencing 3 full assessment cycles, one at the end of each term.

Revision – Assessment – Refinement cycle

Each term, students are given the tools and support to complete subject specific revision, in preparation for their termly assessments. This can include, but not limited to:

  • Personalised learning checklists
  • Exam specification details
  • Medium term plans
  • Revision guides

Students spend time in lessons, with the subject specialist, developing their skills in effective revision for that subject. Subject teachers train students in the most effective strategies, based on the most recent research in their subjects. This varies across departments, but the general strategies include:

  1. Quizzing each other
  2. Creating and using flashcards
  3. Graphic organisers (sometimes referred to as knowledge organisers)
  4. Cornell note-taking
  5. Exam wrappers
  6. Past exam questions


Each term, the exam timetable is sent home to parents. This is sent along with some guidance on how parents can support from home. The exam timetable sees all students gain the experience of taking assessments in full exam conditions in the hall. This is one of the things that make Ark Greenwich Free School unique, as this is not a common experience in all schools. This is key to ensuring that students can get used to the pressure of the exam hall, well before their GCSEs, so that when the time comes, they are well versed in the expectations.