Department vision

The art department at Ark Greenwich Free School aims to ensure that all student artists whether studying art up to KS3, 4 or 5, become aware of the personal, social and moral value of studying the subject. Whether student artists enjoy art simply for pleasure or wish to study the subject further into the world of higher education and gallery private views,  our departments aim is the same…. observe the world around you, think creatively and experiment. 

We aim to grow artists who are reflective, thoughtful and skilled in expressing their ideas and opinions through using a wide range of materials and techniques. They should demonstrate sound subject knowledge and a high level of practical skills through their outcomes and their ability to critique both their own work and that of others.

We want our student artists to explore the world of art through discovering artists and artwork which will provoke a reaction be it inquisitiveness, shock, humour, or anger and turn them into responsive artists who have something to say about the world.

The Ark Greenwich Free School art department is a place where student artists learn the traditional skills, embrace contemporary ideas and create exemplary outcomes.


Being an artist…what does it mean?

To become an outstanding student artist you have to….

  • Practise refining your skills to be the best you can

  • Learn about as many different ways to make art

  • Get your hands messy

  • Not be scared of a blank page/canvas

  • Don’t expect to get it right all the time

  • Learn from your mistakes and improve your work

  • Observe the world around you…personally, locally, globally

  • Want to respond to that world and things you care about

  • Be inquisitive

  • Be resourceful

  • Think creatively

  • Experiment in doing things differently

  • Not accept the ‘norm’

  • Want to exhibit your work to an audience

  • Be prepared for constructive criticism

  • Desire a need to want to discuss your ideas/ outcomes

  • Want to learn about artists and craftspeople from a multitude of backgrounds and disciplines

  • Have the confidence and belief you too can be one of those artists


As artist teachers we will ensure we…

  • Plan engaging SOW for all student artists to get excited about

  • Ensure you receive regular helpful feedback to improve your skills/ outcomes

  • Share good practice between us

  • Continually update our own artist practice and knowledge


The art department has a rich and diverse enrichment programme to broaden and develop artist student’s art skills and techniques to supplement and support their work in lessons and developing them into well informed and skilled artists.

With the diverse range of London galleries, museums and studios on our doorstep, link s with a range of organisations allow for visiting practioners to visit the department along with visits being made by students off site, to participate in workshops, talks and view current exhibitions.       

Enrichment programme includes:

  • Illustration- exploration of illustration techniques

  • Graphic Novel- production of a published collaborative graphic novel

  • Photography- Exploration of both digital and traditional photography techniques

  •  Art Drop down day- Visit to 2nd floor studios to participate in workshops and artist visits