The vision of the Department

Geography should teach students about the world in which we live.  It should inspire and motivate them into wanting to learn about the physical world around them and the people who live in it.  It should give them opportunities to learn about a wide range of environments and physical landscapes and how humans interact with them.  It should allow them to engage with, and appreciate different cultures and societies.  Geography should also present students with the future problems the world is facing and encourage them to question the causes, and investigate the solutions.  Geography should give students a sense of place, a sense of scale and an understanding of geological timescales.  Most importantly it should allow students to appreciate the complex links and interactions between the human and the physical world.


The aims of the Geography department are to:

• Create a stimulating environment in which all pupils enjoy learning about Geography and feel they can do well.
• Create globally informed and environmentally responsible global citizens who have an intrinsic desire to want to find out about what is happening in the world
• To engage pupils and expose them to a wide range of geographical topics, skills and locations.
• To provide students with varied and plentiful  fieldwork experiences both at both local, national and global scales so that they gain first-hand experience of the topics they study 
• To create the decision makers of tomorrow who will find solutions to the complexity of world problems that exist today.
• To ensure every single child has a good locational knowledge of their own country, continent and the wider world

Success Criteria

• Feedback from students on their enjoyment of and  engagement in lessons 
• Attendance and participation in additional clubs and acticvitites such as GeogSoc and the Duke of Edinburgh Award.
• Student numbers through uptake at GCSE and A-Level 
• Each student making at least 2 sub levels of progress each year at KS3
• 100% of students gaining the highest grades at GCSE and A Level

Geography explains the past, illuminates the present and prepares us for the future. What could be more important than that?

Michael Palin 2007

Being a Geographer – what does this mean?

A Geographer is someone who is interested in the world around them, how it works and how we as a race interact with it and interact with one another.  They are someone who has a high global awareness and an up to date knowledge of world events and issues.  They are interested in the causes, processes and solutions to problems and issues.  They look at landscapes, environments and people and ask; Why? When? Where?  Who? and How?

It is someone who possesses the skills to ask geographical questions, gather and collect data and information in order to answer these questions and then draw conclusions. 

It is someone who has a wide knowledge of places in the world and the relationships that exist between such places.