Mathematics is not just numbers and arithmetic. Although we need to become fluent in arithmetic to live our daily lives, there is so much more to Maths. It is the study of structure and pattern. We use it to explore, understand and simplify the world around us. Mathematics is the study of connecting the unconnected.

Through studying Maths, we learn how to reason, how to solve problems, how to ask ‘what if…’, how to explain why, how to create. We learn how to think. In studying Mathematics we learn so much more than just using numbers.


The Mathematics Curriculum at Ark Greenwich Free School teaches mathematics through the 5 central strands that will be assessed in the new specification GCSE (2017 onwards), each with a different weighting:

  • Number – 22-28% in Foundation, 12-18% in Higher

  • Algebra – 17-23% in Foundation, 27-33% in Higher

  • Ratio, proportion & rates of change – 22-28% in Foundation, 17-23% in Higher

  • Geometry and measures – 12-18% in Foundation, 17-23% in Higher

  • Statistics & Probability – 12-18% in both Foundation and Higher

There are two tiers of entry, Foundation and Higher, although we at Ark Greenwich Free School aim to have as many students as possible, ready to sit the Higher Tier. To support this, our 5 year plan is based on differentiation by depth and understanding, and mastery of key concepts, with a focus on application in varied contexts

Over the course of Key Stage 3 and 4 these strands will be taught and built on throughout the year, with the aim to have completed the KS4 course early in Year 11. This allows for students to begin revision early, and for teachers to tailor revision around the students’ personalised learning checklists. It would also allow students to consider further study of the subject at Key Stage 5.