Head of Mathematics Department: Mr Munday


Numeracy is…

… much more than just knowing about numbers and number operations.  It requires practical understanding and encourages the inclination to problem solve.  Numeracy develops and enhances an analytical approach in dealing with measurement and handling data.


Our aim at Ark Greenwich Free School is that every teacher is a teacher of numeracy. Departments are encouraged to plan collaboratively in order to teach in an effective and consistent manner.


As a school we endeavour to:

  • ensure that students receive positive messages about numeracy when used across the curriculum
  • secure high standards in numeracy across the school
  • set out the school's agreed approach to the teaching of  numeracy skills
  • provide a basis against which progress can be judged
  • record methods, vocabulary and notation that have been agreed
  • assist the transfer of pupil's knowledge, skills and understanding between subjects
  • indicate areas for collaboration between subjects and processes for facilitating such collaboration

Specifically at Ark Greenwich Free School, our partnership with Mathematics Mastery has allowed us to invest time and effort into ensuring our students are confident with the basics and have extremely strong foundations before moving on to Key Stage 4.