In Year Admissions - Year 7-11

Applications made to any year group outside the main admissions round (in-year admissions) should be made directly to Ark Greenwich Free School; if you wish to apply for a place, please complete the application form here.

Parents/carers will be informed of the outcome of their application within 15 school days. If a place is refused, the child will be added to the waiting list; the position on the waiting list will be determined according to the oversubscription criteria in the School’s Admissions Policy. 

Appeals for children refused a place at a preferred school for admission to Year 7 in September 2023 will be heard in line with the Admissions Code. 

If refused a place, the parent/carer has the right to appeal the decision; if you wish to appeal, please click here for the secondary appeal form. Appeal panel hearings will take place within 30 school days of receipt of the appeal. Parents/carers will be notified of their appeal hearing date by the independent appeal panel clerk.


Applications for entry into Year 7 September 2023

Ark Network Appeals Timetable

Appeals for children refused admission at a preferred school for entry into Year 7 in September 2023 will be heard according to the regulations in the School Admissions Appeals Code (October 2022).


Offer Date

1st March 2023

Deadline for submitting an appeal

30th March 2023

Appeal panel hearings will take place within 40 school days of the deadline date for submitting an appeal.  

The independent appeal panel clerk will notify parents/carers of the date of their appeal; appeal hearings will take place during May/June/July 2023.

If you wish to appeal for a place in Year 7, please click here for the appeal form. 

Please contact the school if you need a paper form.

More details about RBG's coordinated admissions round for entry to Year 7 will be posted here as soon as it's provided.

Applications to Ark Greenwich Free School for scholars progressings from Year 6 to 7 are made through the Local Authority Common Application process. This simply means that you should list Ark Greenwich Free School as one of your preferences on your local authority form. If you are a resident of another borough, the same applies; just list AGFS on your local authority form. 

There is no supplementary form to fill out for Ark Greenwich Free School, and scholars do not need to sit any entrance exams or tests. 

For full details on the Admission arrangements to AGFS, please see our admissions policy linked above.