KS4 Summer Exam Schedule 2020

Information for candidates - onscreen tests

AGFS External Exam Handbook for Students and Parents 2019 - 20


Ark Greenwich Free School will make every effort to ensure that candidates receive the best possible preparation for their examinations, that the administrative arrangements run smoothly and that the examinations are conducted in a way that will cause as little stress as possible and help students to achieve their best.


Please see the most up-to-date information regarding exams amidst the coronavirus pandemic here



Key Stage 4 End of Year Assessments

Parents’ Frequently Asked Questions


How will the online exams be taking place?

All students, whether they are at home or school, will be required to join the virtual examination room via a Show My Homework link at the start of each exam period. From there, a register will be taken and students will be directed to a website called www.exam.net, where they will be able to complete the examination in a secure environment.


What equipment will be needed to access online exams?

Scholars will need the same equipment they use to access online lessons; an internet-enabled device such as a tablet or laptop, with working speakers and access to the Internet.


I do not have a reliable internet connection or means to access the internet; how will my child access their exams?

The vast majority of students will sit their end of year examinations remotely. Students who do not have a reliable internet connection will sit their examinations in school. If your household does not have a reliable internet connection, please contact Ms Gainey (vgainey@arkgreenwich.org) in confidence by 17th June to arrange for them to come into school for examinations.


When are the exams taking place?

Year 11 examinations will take place from 22nd June to 2nd July. Year 10 examinations will take place from 24th June to 2nd July.

Lessons will be suspended during these examination periods for each year group and scholars will complete independent revision tasks in periods when they do not have an exam.


What time do the exams start?

KS4 will have one to three exam sessions taking place each day, please refer to your child’s timetable.

Scholars must be present in the virtual exam room at the below times for the beginning of each examination period:

Exam period

Arrival Time

Start time

Early morning exam:



Mid morning exam:



Afternoon exam:




What will my child do if they do not have an examination?

During the exam period, the standard lesson schedule will be suspended, instead, KS4 will be assigned revision tasks through Show My Homework to complete when they are not sitting an exam.


Where can I find a copy of the examination timetable?

A copy of the exam timetable has been shared. An electronic copy can be located at the top of this page.


What happens if my child has special educational needs/disability?

Extra time will be available if your child would access extra time as part of their normal way of working.

If you have any questions about access arrangements for your child, please contact our SENDCo, Ms Gainey.


My child is not feeling well and has an exam what do I need to do?

It is a legal duty of parents to ensure good, regular attendance and to explain any absences. If your child is too ill to attend school you must report this in the normal fashion.


What should my child bring to the exam?

All students are expected to bring their own stationery for their examinations including:

  • black writing pen x 2
  • sharp pencil x 2
  • pencil sharpener
  • transparent ruler
  • rubber/eraser
  • compasses and protractor
  • scientific calculator
  • transparent pencil case

It is important that students take responsibility for bringing the correct equipment to their examinations as the school will not be lending out equipment on the day.