To ensure that all scholars are reading and writing at their chronological age by the end of KS3 so that they are prepared for the academic rigour of the GCSE curriculum and beyond.

To develop passionate, habitual readers.


Morning reading programme (4 x 25 min sessions each week)

  • Books are pitched at the top of a groups reading range
  • Reading aloud to develop fluency
  • Active vocabulary instruction
  • Comprehension based questions


Catch up programme

  • Lexia for scholars in 7-9 2+years below
  • Fresh start tutoring for readers below 9yo.
  • Our scholars reading below their chronological reading age are placed in reading groups with strongest reading teachers with additional training.


  • Subject specific reading is issued in every subject through the  ‘read now’, subject vocabulary is learnt by scholars through core knowledge as their independent learning.
  • Termly NGRT reading tests to measure impact. Reporting to parents every half term.
  • Reading logs at KS3 to promote independent reading.
  • Reading rewards programme to reward scholars who have read the most or made the most progress.


  • On average, Lexia scholars have made 1 year and 9 months progress in a term.
  • On average, y7 scholars have made 1 year and 2 months progress in a term.
  • On average, y8 scholars have made 8 months progress in a term.
  • On average, y9 scholars have made 7 months progress in a term.