INTENT: Our mission

The objective of the mathematics curriculum at Ark Greenwich Free School is to provide pupils with a foundation for understanding the increasingly mathematical world and equip them with the critical skills required to participate in society. An essential building block of this curriculum is our Numeracy programme. 

Our Numeracy programme has been carefully structured to give scholars the mathematical knowledge and processes required to access lessons by rapidly closing critical ‘gaps’ in students’ mathematical knowledge.

We firmly believe that no scholar will be held back by poor numeracy skills, or a lack of confidence with numeracy at our school.



Before our scholars join us in Year 7 they are offered access to our Maths Summer Induction on Times Tables Rockstars. Times Tables are essential to success in Mathematics and we encourage our scholars to set themselves up for success before joining us in September.

Once our scholars start Year 7 they begin their mathematical journey at AGFS with a ‘fundamental skills’ test. This assessment gives precise information which informs both curriculum and individual teacher planning. Following in-class interventions scholars will sit a similar assessment three times throughout the year to identify any gaps which are remaining. We continue to track Times Tables data throughout the year and provide intervention to scholars who are significantly behind their expected level. Scholars who are below the expected level in either of these measures are also given small-group intervention during afternoon form-time to support them in catching up with their peers.

Our subscriptions to online platforms such as Hegarty Maths allow our scholars to access additional resources from home and receive instant feedback when completing online tasks. Tasks are set as independent learning by Maths teachers, but scholars are also able to choose videos, interactive questions and worksheets themselves to support their learning


IMPACT: What we have achieved

Less than 10% of our Y7 scholars arrived with the expected fundamental skills from KS2, in one term this number has increased to 45% and the average attainment in the year group has increased by 15%. Our Y8 and Y9 scholars have significantly improved their Times Tables skills, with 75% of our scholars reaching the target speed. This leads to exceptional GCSE outcomes for our scholars, with an average of 77% of our scholars achieving a Grade 4+ at GCSE over the last 3 years and a negligible gap in outcomes for our PPG scholars by the end of Y11.