House System

Every scholar will be a member of a House. The system divides scholars into small communities within the wider community and embodies our school values:

· Ambition – fosters a sense of pride

· Growth – encourages participation and contribution

· Fellowship – builds and maintain positive relationships

· Scholarship – encourages healthy internal competition

The four houses are known as Harrison, Nightingale, Sancho and Waugh. Each house is named after a role model within Greenwich community. The form group, your child is allocated to, indicates their house e.g. 7N will mean your child belongs to Nightingale.





John Harrison invented the marine chronometer which can be found in the Royal Observatory in Greenwich Florence Nightingale was the founder of modern nursing and worked in Greenwich Ignatius Sancho was a notable black civil rights campaigner from Greenwich Benjamin Waugh was the founder of the NSPCC, also from Greenwich

Behaviour points equate to house points, which means scholars compete against other houses and as a whole school. House winners are announced in termly celebration assemblies. Equally, attendance is also announced by house winners.


Year 7-10 have a drop-down day dedicated to house competitions and throughout the year there is a series of inter-house competitions such as:


  • Debating
  • Chess
  • Creative Writing
  • MFL
  • Maths


Each form also elects their House Captain who is the rep for their form and works with the student leadership team and participate in student led student voice.