Golden Tickets

At AGFS we know how important it is to recognise those pupils who always do the right thing. As such we have invested in a comprehensive rewards initiative called the ‘Golden Ticket Reward Scheme.'

All members of staff have printed Golden Tickets to hand out to students who have impressed them in demonstrating the school values.  They will award tickets for a demonstration of Ambition, Growth,  Fellowship and Scholarship inside and outside of the classroom. On the ticket the teacher will write down the student’s name, form and reasons for the ticket being issued.  The teacher will also log the ticket on our MIS so points are accumulated and lead to rewards.

The student will have a chance to show the ticket to their parent/ carer.  When the student returns to school the ticket must be deposited in their year group box.  The more tickets a student collects the more chance they have of winning a prize.  Half termly the HOY will take the box into an assembly and read out the top 3 students in the year group who will automatically receive a voucher of £10 from Amazon. 

The Golden Tickets will be placed in a tombola and the next 4 students will be picked out.  Again, the more tickets a student deposits into the box the more chance they have of being pulled out.  The prizes on offer here will be AGFS branded items like pens, USBs, umbrellas, Parker Pens, notepads, Rubix Cubes, jump the lunch queue pass and much more.

At the end of the year the students with the most amount of golden tickets will be taken to Thorpe Park.

Students who are in the top 10 Golden Tickets achievers in each year group will automatically go on the rewards trip at the end of the academic year.  They will also have the option of choosing a friend to take with them, the condition being that the friend are in the top 50 of golden ticket achievers in their year group.

Students will also be awarded for earning the following:

200 golden tickets – platinum certificate

100 golden tickets – gold certificate

50 golden tickets – silver certificate

25 golden tickets – bronze certificate


Celebration Assemblies

At the end of every term we hold a celebration assembly where students will be nominated for certificates by their teachers, HOY, 100% attendance certificates and the Head teacher’s award.


The House System

The Golden ticket system will equate to 1 house point.  This will show an ever increasing accumulative tally throughout the school year instead of just at the end of the school year.

There will be 3 major House Events in the year.

Term 1- Debating/ Maths Challenge

Term 2 – Creative Writing

Term 3 – Sports day

There will be an overall house trophy for the winning house.


Coloured Dots:

All students will be expected to collect coloured dots  for their school bag.  These dots are different colours and represent a particular value or skill.  This will be linked to year 7 Matriculation.  To Matriculate must earn Ambition, Growth, Fellowship and Scholorship Golden Tickets in order to successfully matriculate.


Year 7 Matriculation & Prize Evening

An annual prize evening will take place at the school.  This will be a formal occasion where parents, governors, staff and students (current and past) can celebrate the previous year’s successes.

Tutors will nominate one student for an award.

HODs will nominate one student from the lower school and middle school for an award in their subject.

Past students will also be invited back to celebrate their academic GCSE success.