Acknowledging that there are no shortcuts to success, our gates open at 08:05 every morning and our lessons start at 08:50, students must be on site for registration by 08:20. Our extended school day not only provides us with more time to focus on academic study but it provides us with the space to enable all our pupils to experience a wealth of enriching experiences. We provide every pupil with 25 one-hour lessons each week and 2 hours a week of compulsory enrichment. 

Please note we have different FINISH times for the beginning of the week Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and EARLIER closing times on Thursday and Friday.  

The AGFS School Day (2019-20)

6 periods Mon-Wed, 5 periods Thur-Fri


Monday – Wednesday



Thursday – Friday


07:45 Gate opens     07:45 Gate opens


Pupils arrive      


    08:05-08:20 Pupils arrive
08:20-08:50 Line-up/registration/reading/      


08:20-08:50 Line-up/registration/reading/      


08:50-09:50 Period 1 08:50-09:50 Period 1
09:50-10:50 Period 2 09:50-10:50 Period 2
10:50-11:05 Break 10:50-11:05 Break
11:05-12:05 Period 3 11:05-12:05 Period 3
12:05-13:05 Period 4 12:05-13:05 Period 4
13:05-13:50 Lunch 13:05-13:50 Lunch
13:50-14:50 Period 5      

Wed: Enrichment

13:50-14:50 Period 5
14:50-15:50 Period 6      

Wed: Enrichment

14:50-15:00 Registration
15:50-16:00 Registration 15:00 Dismissal
16:00 Dismissal 15:00-15:30      


Teacher detentions      

HoY detentions/intervention / afterschool clubs

16:00-17:00 Teacher detentions      

HoY detentions/intervention / after school clubs



Thur: All Staff CPD      

Fri: HoY detentions



N.B., the school will continue to facilitate 12 drop down days per year. Enrichment will take place on Wednesdays P5-6 for KS3 pupils only. Detentions and academic intervention sessions will continue to take place daily after school. PSHE/Well-being agenda to be tracked and delivered via Religious Studies, DDDs and Enrichment.