"People who are conscientious, displaying traits like self-discipline, efficiency and organisation, are 20% more likely to secure a top paying job." -Sutton Trust, 2016

"Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of a true education. The complete education gives one not only the power of concentration, but worthy objectives upon which to concentrate." - Martin Luther King Jr, ‘The Purpose of Education’.


Education in good character at AGFS has three functions:

  • To provide scholars with the training and exposure to the personal dispositions (underpinned by the school’s values) required to become successful and fully involved citizens.
  • To expose scholars to important contributions in the development of Western liberal discourse so that they are on the same intellectual plane as those in private or selective education.
  • To provide scholars with the opportunity to reflect on their own character and to consider how their outlook is developing as they mature.



Our extensive co-curricular programme ensures that scholars receive a well-rounded education where life enriching opportunities are experienced and important personal skills are nurtured through the character programme, enrichment, extracurricular clubs, drop down days and student leadership.

1. Character programme – read more about our character programme click here.

2. The enrichment programme is offered to all Year 7-9 scholars and takes place on Wednesday afternoons during period 7. Enrichment clubs fall under a school value and scholars will complete two enrichment clubs in an academic year. For example - under ambition, scholars complete a careers enrichment club and army cadets. Fellowship includes team sports such as cricket and alternative sports. Under scholarship and ambition, scholars complete Science club. Please find the rotation of clubs for each year group in the table below: 


3. Throughout the academic year we also have twelve drop down days. During a drop down day, scholars come off their academic timetable and participate in workshops or trips. The aim is to provide scholars with experiences outside of the classroom. Year groups may participate in a whole school cross country day, trips, STEAM and house competition days. Activities week takes place in the last week of term. (To review the Drop Down Day provision, click here)

4. Our extracurricular clubs offer a breadth of activities before and after school. The clubs aim to develop each of the school values, reward scholars, and help break the cycle of detentions for scholars so they can simply enjoy participating in an extracurricular enriching activity. Please find a copy of the extracurriculuar clubs letter here. A list of the Autumn Terms 1 and 2 Clubs list is below: 

5. The student leadership programme aims to develop leadership skills, soft skills and raise the profile of student voice. Scholars will have the opportunities to volunteer and help at school events, receive leadership training, complete duties and hold student voice meetings. 

The student leadership team at AGFS is comprised of the senior team made up of year 10-11 scholars. This team includes head and deputy student leaders and prefects associated to different subjects. The remainder of the team is made up of form/house reps from all year groups.

The senior team go through a rigorous election process which includes completing an application form and providing two references (one personal and one professional). Shortlisted candidates attend an interview and those successful move through to the next stage and participate in a debate that takes place during assembly. Fellow scholars and staff cast their votes and Mr Spiers selects the final team when he reviews the results. This senior team will be in place from the beginning of next term. Year 7’s will have a similar opportunity at the beginning of the year to put themselves forward as a form/house rep. Years 7-9 also have the chance to complete student leadership training through enrichment. Young student leaders and senior student leaders lead their own student voice meetings. Senior student leaders complete lunch duties, contribute and lead school events and receive leadership training. Our student leader team are proud to bridge the gap between teachers and scholars, have a say to improve the school whilst developing leadership qualities that prepare them for the real world.



In 2020, 100% of our parents believed the school has high aspirations for their child and in 2021, 94% of our parents agree that the school provides a good range of extracurricular activities. Ofsted, (2020) denotes ‘All scholars have access to plenty of enrichment opportunities. Scholars in Years 7 to 9 have these timetabled into their school day. This is so that everyone benefits from them.Scholars in all year groups enjoy regular ‘drop down days’ that allow them to participate in experiences outside of the regular curriculum’.