GCSE Results 2018 – Year 11 pupils raise the bar once again!

Friday 23 August 2013

GCSE Results 2018 – Year 11 pupils raise the bar once again!  

Proud GFS pupils today collected another stellar set of GCSE results with year on year outcomes improving further still. Overall progress scores, once confirmed, are expected to be extremely strong with some 24% of all grades now in the highest 7-9 category 

Performance in English and Mathematics remains exceptionally high with 35% and 30% of pupils achieving the top grade 7-9 category respectively. In English 90% of pupils achieved grade 4 (old money grade ‘C’) or higher.     

Significant gains have also been made in the English Baccalaureate subject group where progress in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Combined Science, History, Geography and Computing has hit record highs. 

In the Open subject category pupils have enjoyed substantial gains in both Physical Education and Art. 

Headteacher, Mr Spiers, said “we are absolutely delighted with pupils’ results today and this is testament to all their hard work and to the support from parents, teachers and governors. To improve further on the exceptional outcomes from last year, even given the new tougher examinations, is a wonderful achievement for all involved at GFS and sets our pupils up well for post-16 education 

Attainment at GFS when compared against national figures makes for pleasant reading:  

Attainment 8  

Grade 7+ in English 

Grade 7+ in Maths 

GFS 2018 

National 2017 

GFS 2018 

National 2018 

GFS 2018 

National 2018 







Please note that the above GFS data is provisional and may be subject to change. Progress data is not yet available for publication 


Some GFS pupils have posted astounding individual results: 

Exceptional Attainment  

  • Callum O’Neill and Giacomo Bognolo scored the maximum Attainment 8 score of 90 by achieving eight Grade 9s 

  • Joy Maton achieved four Grade 9s and three Grade 8s  

  • Edith Cakebread achieved three Grade 9s and three Grade 8s  

  • Morlai Happi achieved one Grade 9 and three Grade 8s 


Exceptional Progress  

Whilst Progress scores are still to be confirmed, early indications suggest that the following pupils have made exceptional progress from KS2-KS4Giacomo Bognolo, Sandeep Thalawe Gedara, Robin Kandel, Luitgard AyodeleMorlai Happi, Jessie Tuley, Thomas Coffey, Yasir Omar, Chidi Odiah, Joy Maton, Isaac Olaleye, Edith Cakebread, Nigella Kabengele, Alex Norman-Mercer, Leonardo Donadio, Adonis Biklqi, Georgia Galabova, Isabella Broeren, Milo Palmer-Brown, Callum O’Neill, Thibault Le Tynevez-Dobel, Ava Reading Deborah Opawole, Reuben Odulawa, Samantha Grayson and Miah Agbo-Chinwokwu.     


We are incredibly proud of all of our pupils and their achievements and would like to thank governors, teachers, parents and pupils for all their hard work over the past 5 years. We wish our Year 11 pupils the very best of luck as they progress onto post 16 education.