Friday 22 November 2019

This term during Enrichment some of our Key Stage three students have been practising mindfulness.

Our students are paying more attention to the present moment – to their own thoughts and feelings and to the world around them. They have been improving their mental wellbeing through exploring different mindful practices such as noticing, reflecting, focussing and showing gratitude. This term we had a particularly engaging session where we explored mindfulness through our senses. The students took part in challenging activities that encouraged them to isolate their senses to consider the thoughts and feelings that they experienced. The highlights included drawing images inspired by music, mystery boxes, perceptions of images and mindful eating.  Our weekly sessions are based within the Library, to truly make the most of our comfortable surroundings. Once comfortable on our beanbags our group practised meditation using the imagery of a treehouse. All the students were open-minded and fully engaged with this mindful practise.  Following our period of meditation, some students commented that they would like to try out meditation in their own time to help them to unwind.  The scholars reflect weekly in their mindful journal showing the journey they are taking to get their minds calm and collected. These strategies are so important with the pressures they may face in  their daily lives.