Parent Bulletin Issue 19

Friday 15 May 2020

19 issue Parent Bulletin 15-05-20


Dear Parents and Carers,

The government’s reopening plans pose some complex challenges, particularly for the primary sector, but AGFS is well placed to meet this latest test.

Late Monday evening, schools received further guidance regarding arrangements for the potential phased return for certain year groups. For secondary schools, the ambition is for Year 10 students to receive some ‘face to face support’ to supplement remote learning from 1st June. We are also waiting for the Local Authority to confirm whether the Year 6 induction day can go ahead on 1st July.

Whilst we are keen to press ahead with finalising our plans for a phased return, as part of a large network it is important that all Ark schools respond in a consistent and considered manner. Ark is working closely with various stakeholders to prepare guidance for its schools on re-opening and we expect to receive further information soon.

I know many of you will have questions and be keen to find out more about this next phase, but we should not rush into this piece of work. We will take the necessary time to ensure that when students and staff do begin to return, they will come back to a school that is fully prepared and meets all hygiene and social distancing requirements that the government has set out.

In the meantime, we will continue to operate our remote learning programme until such a time that students and staff can return to school in a safe and orderly manner. I expect to be able to provide you with further information on our plans next week.

The current situation presents us with an opportunity to bring forward some improvements. From 8th June we will commence a revised timetable of lessons which will allow teachers to start work with their September and GCSE option classes earlier, providing more time with exam groups and an opportunity for meaningful end of year assessment. The new timetable also enables improved streamlining of work for Years 7-8. You will find further information in this bulletin.

Thank you once again for you ongoing support with live and remote learning.

Mr Rhys Spiers, Headteacher