Prize Evening and Year 7 Matriculation

Tuesday 26 November 2019


On Wednesday 20th November, Ark Greenwich Free school held our Annual Prize Giving Evening. The evening was an outstanding spectacle and really showcased why our school is so successful. This is because of the commitment and drive of our Scholars and staff. 

The evening began with a speech from Mr Spiers, who set the scene for the night by leading a reflection of the school’s impact. This speech focused on academic outcomes and, perhaps more importantly, our commitment to helping develop our Scholars into well rounded individuals who have a real impact within our community.

We welcomed back the students from our Year 11 cohort from the last academic year; celebrating those who made outstanding progress as well as those who received the top GCSE results within their Year group.

From the past to the present, we were able to watch our new Year 7 students matriculate. Year 7 students have adapted to and embodied our values of Ambition, Growth, Fellowship and Scholarship. It was a real pleasure to formally induct them into our school.

The celebration did not stop there. The whole evening was interleaved by various dramatic, musical and dance performances. Again, we were able to really celebrate the hard work and commitment that our Scholars put in to become excellent performers.

The prestigious Connor Pearce Award was also an integral part of the evening. This Award is dedicated to our former student, Connor, who tragically passed away in 2017, just a couple of months before his GCSE examinations. Connor embodied all of the school’s values and the Award is presented to the Year 11 student who staff felt most embodied the Ark Greenwich Free School values across their time at the school. The Award was presented by Connor’s grandparents and Callum O’Neill (the recipient of the Award last year). We were delighted to present this award to Emily Guy.

The evening ended with our guest speakers Johanna Israel, Chair of Governors and Jonathan Simons, a founding member of Ark Greenwich Free School. The pride expressed in their speeches when reflecting on the work of Ark Greenwich Free School, really proves what a special place our school really is.