Order Your At Home Testing Kits Here

To order your at home testing kits, click the link here. Please note, you may need to order/collect multiple boxes. Should you need to re-order, you can do so via the same link each time you need a top up. For more information regarding testing, click here. Scholars and their families should test every 3-4 days. 

AGFS cannot provide tests from our testing site, therefore it is the family's responsibility to order tests as needed. Testing kits are completely free and can be posted to your home directly or picked up at a local testing site. However, you must sign up to do so here.  

Education During Isolation

  • Latest updates on Year 11 GCSE examinations can be found here.
  • Independent study tasks are listed here

At AGFS we know the most successful scholars are those who demonstrate high levels of independence, often taking responsibility for their own learning and supplementing in-class work with further consolidation activities at home. We have taken some time to provide you with our highly recommended online learning platforms which your child can use to reinforce their learning. Here  you will find a range of learning resources on every topic across the curriculum including helpful videos, interactive presentations, revision materials and much more. Scholars already have login details where applicable.



Expectations for Working While at Home

We expect scholars to be independent while working at home so that they do not fall behind. Scholars should use the topic list here and the below websites to complete appropriate work. All work completed should be recorded on the record of work document linked here. This must be signed by the parent to confirm the work has been completed.

Remote Learning FAQs



Covid-19 Testing at AGFS

Dear Parents, Carers and Staff,

We have been asked by the Government to provide three onsite tests for each child spaced 3-5 days apart. The process is relatively straight forward and approximately 30 AGFS staff have already received training to ensure the process runs smoothly. Thereafter, scholars will be provided with two home testing kits per week to self-administer. We will provide further guidance on the use of home testing kits in due course. We support this government initiative as it will help to provide a further layer of security, on top of the existing strict safety and hygiene measures that are already in place across our school.

Testing of students is optional, but strongly encouraged. All information on testing at AGFS can be found by clicking on the links below. If you wish to volunteer to support with testing at AGFS please email: coronavirus@arkgreenwich.org.


To provide consent for your child to be tested please click here.


  • For a video explaining how testing works click here.
  • To view our risk assessment for asymptomatic Covid-19 home testing, click here.
  • To view our risk assessment for asymptomatic Covid-10 testing at school, click here.
  • For all other enquiries about COVID-19 testing at AGFS please email coronavirus@arkgreenwich.org.


  • A review of our Remote Education Provision can be found here.
  • All information on remote learning can be found here.
  • Please use this checklist to ensure you and your child are prepared for their return to school beginning 8th March 2021.