GCSE Drama Performances

On Thursday 12th May 2022, Year 10 Drama scholars completed the first component of their real GCSE in front of a live audience. This is the first time that many of them have experienced performing in front of their friends and family, but despite their nerves, they were a real credit to their year group and the Drama Department. Scholars were given the stimuli of; a life jacket, the music from Disney’s ‘UP’ and an image of a clock fading. From this, in groups they created their own piece of theatre, lasting 15-20 minutes. This included challenging how time at war affects soldiers, the interpretation of events from the Titanic, the experiences of fleeing from a war-torn country, and how a person learns to accept death. They showed fellowship throughout the two days of a technical and dress rehearsal and persevered through several challenges leading up to the exam. Their dedication to rehearsing from 7.30am, and after school, certainly paid off, and we are incredibly proud of them!

‘LOST TIME’ - Ashley Adegbite, Chimaobi Amadi, Mario Gheorghe, Khy Gillespie, Emmanuel Nsenye, Kevin Ntukadi

We wanted to create a piece of theatre that demonstrates the importance of time, whilst challenging if time can be classed as a ‘healer’. Through the story of soldiers, reuniting at a veteran reunion, we explore the impact war has on people, and initiate you, our audience,  to self-reflect on your own use of time.

Lost Time

‘Victim or Survivor’ - Papa Ameyaw, Kian Edwards, Hamza Ibrahim, Khush Irvine, Chloe La Roche, Aeris Simon

We wanted to create a piece of theatre that details the events and timeline of the Titanic disaster, dramatising the accounts of both survivors and victims. Throughout the performance we explore the emotions felt throughout the traumatic event.

Victim or Survivor

‘Fleeing for Safety’ - Gracie Grogan, Kayla Judge, Mia Vaughan

We wanted to create a piece of theatre that reproduces the accounts of people fleeing their countries and emphasise the emotions felt by victims. We also wanted to demonstrate the hostility of Border Control as immigrants arrive in a foreign country, and how daunting this can feel.

Fleeing for safety

‘Death is Inevitable’ - Olayinka Ashipa, Shanaya Khan, Gracie Parsons

We wanted to create a piece of theatre that explores the emotions surrounding death, and evaluate how people deal with the idea of death at different ages. To demonstrate the struggle people experience with loss, our piece is set in a hospital waiting room, as we learn about the lives of an elderly woman moving towards the end of her life, her granddaughter's experience of losing her mother, and a young girl who is dealing with her father suffering from terminal cancer.

Death is inevitable