Religious Studies

Head of Department: Ms E Bradley

Exam board: AQA Religious Studies (A)

Departmental power standards:

  1. To compare beliefs and practices between and within religions
  2. To apply religious beliefs to social, cultural and ethical issues
  3. To construct arguments from a depersonalised, academic perspective.
  4. To critically view a belief or argument from a range of perspectives.


Subject overview:


Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Year 7

Religious beliefs, practices and traditions: Christianity, Judaism and Islam

Religious beliefs, practices and traditions: Buddhism, Sikhism and Hinduism

Religion in the community


Year 8

Religion and the environment

Religion and war

Religion and medical ethics

Year 9

Religious philosophy

What happens when we die?

Ethical and moral philosophy

Year 10

Buddhist Beliefs and Practices

Christian Beliefs and Practices

Thematic Studies: Crime and Punishment

Year 11

Thematic Studies: Relationships and family

Revision and bespoke planning

Revision and bespoke planning


Revision and Independent Learning

  • Students revise the core knowledge for each unit of work via Quizlet. At KS4, students also complete practice examination questions independently at home.


  • Students receive verbal feedback through intentional monitoring and show call every lesson.
  • Students complete an independent task every 6 lessons and written feedback is provided on this task.
  • Students are expected to refine and redraft their responses in full following the completion of the independent task.


Ambition/ Careers links

  • The religious studies course at AGFS provides all students with the knowledge and skills required to follow a theology or philosophy course at a Russell Group university.
  • The religious studies course ensures that students develop the soft skills (extended writing, argument formation, textual analysis) to enter a range of professions such as law.


Cultural capital

  • Students visit a range of places of worship throughout the Key Stage 3 course.
  • Students are encouraged to apply the topics covered in lesson to their broader lives and the news.