Year 11 GCSE Geography Field Trip

Year 11 set off on their first experience of GCSE fieldwork this week, visiting Epping Forest in Essex. Scholars conducted a physical geography fieldwork investigating how river characteristics change as you go downstream.

The day started off with a context of the physical geography of Debden Brook delivered by fieldwork experts at Field Studies Council (FSC), examining how the geology, land use and seasons would impact the velocity of the river. After a short session back in the classroom, familiarising scholars with the context, methodology and risk assessments, scholars were then out in the field! We visited three sites along Debden Brook and measured the depth, width and velocity of the river to understand the volume of water passing by at each section.

Scholars worked in teams to gather their primary data before completing field sketches of important noteworthy changes in the river as they moved downstream.

Next steps are back into the classroom analysing the reliability of results, presenting data and drawing conclusions.

Well done Year 11 for completing your first piece of GCSE fieldwork!