Year 9 Options

Year 10 - Year 11 Curriculum

Scholars follow a broad curriculum until they select their GCSE options at the end of Year 9. Scholars study ten subjects at GCSE level in total, in comparison to the national average of 8.

These are separated into two categories: Core and optional.

90-95% of our scholars are entered for the academically rigorous EBACC qualification.

  • Core subjects are compulsory and will be studied by all scholars
  • Optional subjects are when scholars choose to study certain subjects and not others. Scholars can choose to study two option subjects. Teachers will offer guidance and support to ensure appropriateness of option subjects.


Core Subjects:

All scholars will study each of the following subjects:

Subject Lessons per fortnight (lessons are 50 minutes) Number of GCSEs gained
English Language and Literature 10 2
Mathematics 10 1
Combined Science (Biology, Physics, Chemistry) 10 2 – Triple science may be selected as an ‘option’ to gain an additional GCSE
Core PE 2 0 – GCSE PE can be chosen as an ‘option’
French or Spanish* 5 1
History or Geography 5 1
Religious Studies & Philosophy 5 1


*A very small number of scholars may be selected to study additional English, maths and science instead of a modern language in Key Stage 4. This is to ensure that all scholars are given every support to be able to reach the basic standard in core subjects.


Option Subjects (worth one GCSE)

All scholars select two of the subjects below as their options:

  • Art and Design
  • Computer Science
  • Drama and Theatre Studies
  • Music
  • Photography
  • Physical Education
  • Statistics
  • Triple Science