• AGFS will provide high quality, remote education in the event of absence from school or school closures.


  • For short term absences, scholars will work independently using their core knowledge booklets. Scholars will complete self-quizzing of the core knowledge and complete the independent stretch and extension tasks for each subject. Online platforms such as Seneca, Sparx Maths and My GCSE Science will be used to supplement the core knowledge where necessary.
  • In the event of a school closure, AGFS will provide live, online lessons for all scholars using MS Teams and Google Classroom. Scholars will follow their normal timetable in all cases. Teachers will use Google Classroom to provide live feedback to all scholars and to support them to continue to make excellent progress.
  • Once per year, the school conducts a ‘mock’ school closure to ensure all scholars are prepared for this event. This gives all stakeholders an opportunity to practise their use of the remote technology and to ensure the school remains agile and prepared for all eventualities.


  • As a result of the above approach, during the Covid 19 pandemic, no lesson time was lost due to school closures. Scholars affected by the pandemic performed extremely highly (see academic outcomes for 2022).
  • 90+% of parents reported that the school supported their child’s academic progress throughout the period of school closures very well.
  • 90+% of scholars reported that the school provided high quality education throughout the pandemic.