Uniform Suppliers

Our uniform suppliers are Khalsa Schoolwear based in Crayford.

A full price list of all uniform items can be obtained from reception throughout the year.

Unbranded school unifrorm items such as school skirts and trousers are also available from:

Bailwood Fashions Ltd

246 Lewisham High St

SE13 6JU


Outdoor Clothing All outdoor clothing must be black or blue with no logos. Hooded sweatshirts are not allowed as outerwear. Plain reflective bands may be worn for safety reasons on the arm or the school bag. AGFS logo only permitted.
Blazer School blazer with AGFS logo on the pocket. No badges can be pinned or sewn onto the school uniform.
Shirt White school shirt (short-sleeve for summer); top button should be fastened at all times.
Tie School tie length must reach the waistband of trousers/skirts
Jumper* School jumper (grey with blue piping) (this is an optional item and scholars are not expected to wear the jumper)
Trousers or Skirt Grey school trousers (must cover the ankle when standing upright) OR grey school skirt (must cover the full knee when standing upright -- 24in or longer. Must not be ‘body-con’). Trousers must fit at the waist and allow movement in the leg. Trousers should not fit close to the skin in 'skinny' or 'legging/jegging' styles. 
Socks/Tights Must be black opaque. These may not have a frill trim.
Shoes Must be black, flat and without logos, patterns or coloured stitching. Shoes must be able to be polished. Black trainers are not allowed. Ankle supports (such as those featured by the Kickers brand) are permitted. Boots are not permitted except in inclement weather, in which instance they must be removed at the school entrance and replaced with regulation school shoes. Discretion on what constitutes a shoe falls with the SLT.
School Bag Must be a black rucksack-style bag that is fit for purpose with a small logo. Coloured dots awarded by the school for values linked to the reward system and matriculation may be sewn onto bag straps. Badges may be worn on the strap of the scholar’s bag. Handbags are not permitted as school bags.
PE Kit Plain white polo shirt, black shorts, black football socks and reversible rugby jersey.
Accessories All accessories (such as scarves, gloves, hats, ear muffs) must be in school colours (black, blue or dark grey). No jewellery (except for the kara) is permitted. No earrings or studs at all are permitted. A plain watch is allowed. No nose, tongue or upper ear piercings are permitted. Accessories for hair such as bandanas, tights and scarves are not to be worn in any circumstances. Only conventional hair bands (black) can be worn.
Hair Hair must be well-kept and tidy and allow the face to be seen. It may be tied back if necessary. No shaved patterns, lines or unnatural colours are permitted in hair or eyebrows. Hair must not be dyed, bleached or coloured in any way. If hair extensions are to be worn, the colour will be the same as the scholar’s natural hair colour. Hair accessories must be plain, without patterns and in school colours (black, blue, or grey). No diamanté or beads are permitted. Short hair should be no shorter than Grade 2. This includes any grading around the sides of the hair and undercuts. There should be no ‘step’ or ‘wedge’ effect. Beads are not allowed. Cornrows are allowed but must be kept neat. 
Makeup There should be no makeup worn at any time. Fake/acrylic/shellac nails or nail varnish including clear is not to be worn at school at any time.