Contacting Post 16 Providers

It is important that year 11 scholars form strong relationships with their post-16 provider and AGFS encourages all scholars to contact their chosen 6th form prior to joining them in at the start of Year 12. In order to do this, scholars should, in the first instance, send an 'Introduction' email to their post-16 provider using the email template found here. Scholars can find a list of post-16 contacts found here.

If any scholars require any additional support during the transition from KS4 to KS5, please continue to email the AGFS careers lead, Mr Conti at for assistance.

Get Ahead - Recommended Reading and Skills Courses

  • Get ahead of your peers joining your chosen 6th form from other secondary schools by researching in-depth the topics you have chosen to study in KS5. You will find a recommended reading list for the majority of A level subjects on offer. However, this list is not exhaustive and scholars should refer to their chosen 6th form website for any specific reading recommendations.